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HYPE Sports host only the best, most competitive basketball tournaments in the country! We use a state of the art, indoor facilities with certified DIN hardwood flooring. The same courts the pros play on! We do a great job catering to out of state teams. We offer competitive rates on hotel rooms and there are several restaurants and shops, and malls nearby where your team and fans can can enjoy the DFW metroplex! We also have several out-of-state events that allows us to bring the HYPE Sports Experience nationwide!
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2018 Jam Series Finale - Aug 4-5
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The Houston Hoops Blue Chips, formerly known as the Gulf Coast Blue Chips are well recognized as the #1 6th Grade (2023) AAU Team in the country! They were in Dallas at the Hype Sports Summer Jam to compete and won the 6th Grade division!
Class of 2022 PG Camron Amboree at the 2018 Winter Jam in Dallas. Definitely shows why he is a top prospect in the class of 2022.